Our ordained, certified and licensed professionals are ready to take you through your coaching or mentorship journey. As prophetic, apostolic mentors, our professionals differ from industry coaches in  they provide key insight into what strategic steps you should take to fulfill the destiny on your life.  We provide high-quality top-notch service with a proven track record of success. 

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Dr. Paula Price, Visionary & Founder 

Dr. Price offers executive leadership services, to leaders looking for highly strategic counsel, planning and development personally, ministerially, or professionally. For her services, please visit. 

Senior Destiny Specialist

"From Hindsight to Foresight"

Dr. Tala Price, Chief Prophet

Mentorship & Prophecy Coaching

Book With Tala

Senior Apostle 

From Bondage to Breakthrough

Dr. Ashleigh Claytor, Apostle

Mentorship & Deliverance Advisement

Book With Ashleigh

Crisis Intervention Advisor  

Changed Ministries, Changed Lives

Apostle Sally Chaney

Ministry Advisement

Book With Sally

Spiritual Intervention

From Bondage to Release

Prophet Angela Powers

Spiritual Intervention Advisor

Book with Angela 

Kingdom Advancement 

From Servants to Guardians 

Apostle Nona Parker 

Ministry & Leadership Advisor

Book with Nona

Prophetic Intercession 

Spiritual Warfare & Strategy

Prophet Norma McDaniel 

Senior Prayer Support Advisor 

Book with Norma

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